Thursday, June 30, 2005

How I spent my summer vacation

While Maria was gone, I took the time to organize my Football bookmarks in IE. I created a subfolder for every division and put all the teams in their proper places. Now, I can directly access the team I want w/o having to go to This is bigger than getting the outside of the house painted.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Open up and bleed

I gave my 34th pint of blood to the Red Cross today (not in one day, over the course of my life). They've always asked a bunch of personal questions to make sure your blood isn't contaminated. You can't donate if you are a man and have had sexual contact w/ another man, but I don't remember seeing any restrictions on women who have had sexual contact w/ other women. And you can't donate if you've taken money or drugs in exchange for sex or given someone money or drugs in exchange for sex. Today was the first time I saw an explanation of what constitutes sexual contact. There are 3 types of sex according to the Red Cross: the old standard penis in vagina, a mouth on a penis, vagina, or anus, and the penis in anus. Nothing about a vagina on anus, so I guess if you're really freaky but want to help w/ the blood supply you can still do that w/ strangers in exchange for money or drugs.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Loosen up Sandy baby

I really can't believe the recent decision in the Kelo v City of New London case. I read a column by George Will today saying this was a case where judicial activism was needed to step in and correct the local government. Wow! George Will calling for judicial activism. That's some serious stuff. Evidently, there are state laws that lay out the reasons for taking someone's home for public use and a shopping center is not one of them in NC, but I'm surprised the court would rule this way. And why is Anthony Kennedy one of the justices ruling to take away the property rights of an individual? Didn't Reagan appoint you? Too bad Henny Youngman isn't alive to use his "take my wife please" line. The state of Connecticut might have claimed it was their eminent domain to do so.

And the split ruling on the Ten Commandments in public (ok in front of the state legislature, not ok in courtrooms) wasn't what I expected. Forget the decisions, it's the surprising swing voter who joined the majority to allow the Ten Commandments to stay in Texas (I've been to the Texas State Capitol and didn't notice it. I only noticed that it was air conditioned b/c I was walking around Austin in August). Stephen Breyer, come on down. The crux of his concurring opinion: "The determinative factor here, however, is that 40 years passed in which the monument's presence, legally speaking, went unchallenged (until the single legal objection raised by petitioner). Those 40 years suggest more strongly than can any set of formulaic tests that few individuals, whatever their belief systems, are likely to have understood the monument as amounting, in any significantly detrimental way, to a government effort to establish religion." That sounds like a guy thinking for himself. Now why the hell did he side w/ the town of New London in the Kelo case? Maybe economic development doesn't inspire the same kind of deep thinking that the Ten Commandments do.

Kids do the darndest things

Like tonight, I walked into the kitchen after changing Izabella's diaper and saw the refrigerator door open. I looked on the other side to see Desmond w/ ketchup, pretzels, and 24 slices of individually wrapped American cheese on the floor, walls, cabinets, and refrigerator. It made a pretty spectacular mess. The truly amazing thing is I'll straighten up an area including throwing away junk that gets in the way, and he'll find things I never even thought of to make a mess w/. In about 20 years I might buy something nice for the house but not while those kids are still here.

We made it

Maria made it home yesterday. Izabella didn't get her normal nap times b/c we went to church and then to their cousin Sean's birthday party. She fell asleep in the van on the way home, and let me put her right in her crib. She only slept for about an hour and a half, and when she got up she was not in a great mood. I was trying to finish the pictures on the roll of film in the camera, so I tried to get Uncle Kevin to hold her. Uh, she didn't like that. I should have taken a picture of Kev holding her and Izzy screaming, but I was too tired to be that cruel. The important thing is Maria is home to share some of that crappy mood. Welcome back baby!

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Until You Can't Feel It

Today's big activity was Alexis' birthday party at Pump It Up. They have all these inflatable bounce houses, slides, and obstacle courses. The best part is parents are allowed to play on the stuff (although you should probably stick by your kid). There weren't any major behavior incidents, so I'm letting him stay up late to watch The Batman. One of the moms from school told me her son comes home and talks about fighting w/ Batman. I tried to explain the shadowy character that is the Dark Knight Desmond, but I think she was just glad they aren't beating up their siblings.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Trying to deal

Today's big kid activity was Here There Be Dragons at UNCG summer repertory theatre. Desmond went on his "is this going to be too loud" kick and was ready to leave before it started, and it didn't help that the group warming up the crowd said parents who didn't turn off cell phones and pagers would be eaten by a dragon. Once it got started w/ a rousing musical number, he was really into it. Izabella was paying attention for about 5 minutes. Then I distracted her w/ crackers. When those ran out, I let her scratch at the wall behind us (we were in the last row). Overall it went really well. I even enjoyed the play. One of the actresses made the decision to play the role of an emperor like Marlon Brando in the Godfather. Good choice. She had the voice and the mannerisms dead on. When we left, we went to the Weatherspoon. It didn't last real long, but I saw some really cool paintings by Andrew Masullo. When we left the van had a parking ticket on it. I went back in to complain to the front desk person at the Weatherspoon. She told me to go to the Walker Ave parking deck and they could void it. At the parking deck they told me I could fill out a form for an appeal. When I turned it in they said I would be contacted in a few days. To which I said "Yeah, and they'll tell me I still owe you $35." I was pretty irritated b/c the only place to park on campus is that parking deck, and I would have to walk the kids all the way across campus to get to the theatre. Luckily, we went to First Carolina Deli and that improved my mood. Desmond wanted to change his order about 5 seconds after the waiter left our table, but it was one of those whinny complaints where he wants the kids meal and then the next time he whines it's b/c he doesn't want the kids meal. When the food came, he was fine. They have a way of doing that w/ their food.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Part Time Job

The Smith family fortune is under assualt from the new Target they are building on New Garden Rd. I'm already trying to figure out how to limit the impact of having a Target w/in walking distance. If I can get Maria to walk up there, she'll be limited to what she can carry home. I don't think she'll walk up there more than 7 times a week, but I'm sure the van will do its fair share of hauling from the new Jefferson Village too. According to this "the center likely will include a bakery/cafe, a coffee shop, several sit-down restaurants, a home furnishings store and a bank" (maybe it will be a bank I've heard of). And actually the plans to build it like the Mayfaire Town Center in Wilmington look great. Still, there's only one way to avoid the Target Card balance exceeding our means: Smith family jobs. Maria and I will probably both be running cash registers, and the kids will have to unload trucks or something in the back where the child labor people can't see them. Oh, and on a similar note, now is probably the time to invest in Target stock.

In Charge

Maria went to the beach for the weekend w/ some of her girlfriends. I think I can handle it for a few days. While she's gone I'm going to bring back corporal punishment and force the kids to stay up late and watch racing, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

US Grand Prix

I really wanted to watch the US Grand Prix, but it started at the same time as the NASCAR race so I sort of forgot about it. They did announce during the NASCAR race that Michael Schumacher won, but I didn't hear anything about the controversy until the next day. I have a theory that Michelin, a French company, ruined the race b/c they hate Americans. I don't have any evidence other than putting the word French in italics, but I think that's enough to get a guest spot on the News Corp. owned Speed Channel.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Cartoon Network not for kids

I know the Cartoon Network has programming geared towards adults, but that's not what caught my attention the other day. I'll admit to being pretty slack about letting Desmond watch shows that maybe aren't the greatest thing in the world for a 3 year old, but at least they are geared towards a young audience. However, I've seen an ad on there recently for kids to talk to their parents about sex and take control of their bodies. He usually tells me he wants whatever they are advertising during the cartoons, but if he asks me to talk about sex before he turns 4, I don't think I'll be able to take it.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Father's Day Baseball

Maria and I had the bright idea of taking our Dads (and Moms) to the Grasshoppers game for Father's Day. I even checked out tickets online to find 8 seats behind home plate although I bought them at the stadium box office to avoid that $1 a ticket surcharge. I had a ticket for Desmond through the Kid's Club, so we had 9 tickets total. It worked out pretty good even though Maria's parents decided not to go (and thus her sister didn't go). Pete came w/ my mom and dad (Kevin had to work), and Desmond got an actual seat even though he gets in free. Sandy and Laurie hadn't been to the stadium, so they snatched up the extra tickets (oh, and I gave away Desmond's kids club ticket outside the stadium). It was a good vantage point in section 109 Row R, but you can get two tickets for section 109 row B for almost every game. Maria and I are going to leave the kids at home are get those tickets before the year is up. B/c it was Father's Day, Maria and my mom chased Desmond and I got to watch the game. I did have Izabella strapped to my chest in the Baby Bjorn, but she doesn't cause any problems as long as you feed her. Pete, Sandy, and Laurie bought me beers for getting the tickets which was good b/c I didn't have any cash. As for game highlights, I got a stern look from my dad for yelling across 5 seats to him that he would have never let us beat him in a father/son contest at a minor league baseball game like these other loser dads, but the only real hassle I had was from the security guard checking bags before you came into the stadium who took my bottle of water. Honestly, I brought it for Izabella, but maybe b/c I buried it on the bottom of the diaper bag under everything else (or maybe b/c I had a pony tail pulled through a Miller High Life hat), he took it from me. When we left, I asked if I could get my bottle of water back. He said they already threw it away. One day when this planet runs out of drinkable water, there will be a public service announcement replaying that event and a close up of me will highlight a single tear running down my cheek. I hope that guy at least drank it himself.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Changing the oil in the van

I changed the oil in the van for the first time this morning. I've had it for a little over a year, but the kindly dealer gave me certificate for 5 free oil changes for the first year. I didn't quite know what to expect b/c I'd never been under the thing, and looking at the engine from the top it looks like pretty much every car made in the last 10 years (all packed in so only small childlike hands can reach anything). As a comparison, I changed the oil in my 89 Cavalier yesterday and it took me 20 minutes, but I've done it a few times and know what is needed. So this morning I backed the van out of the garage, and when I got out to set up the ramps Desmond was at the door freaking out b/c I didn't let him ride in the van. I let him get in the front seat which meant I had to bring Izabella and put her in her seat b/c she can't stay inside by herself. That added about 5 minutes of idling time to the van. I got it up on the ramps w/o too much trouble. That eased my first concern that these ramps wouldn't support the van. To be extra safe, I put some jack stands under it. I don't know that it helped any, but it made me feel better. I got out the 5/8 socket I use on the Cavalier, but it was too big. I moved down to a 1/2, but that was too small. The 9/16 didn't fit either. I ventured to a side of the toolbox I never use, and tried a few metric sockets. To my surprise 13mm fit the bolt on the oil pan produced by Ford Motor Company. It took me a few minutes to get the bolt off since the dealer tightens it w/ an air wrench. The oil filter was in a easy to reach place, but I couldn't get my oil filter wrench to move it. It took both hands and I have a little burn on the back of my right hand (from that extra idling time), but I got it off. All toghether w/ cleanup and kid chasing it took me 45 minutes. That doesn't seem too bad for the 1st time.

Friday, June 17, 2005

I've been busy listening to Afroman

For some reason I keep forgetting to comment on the Supreme Court's decision on medicinal marijuana. The thing that amazes me the most is Justices Rehnquist and Thomas will back state's rights no matter what. To me it's like the ACLU coming to the aid of the KKK or Rush Limbaugh (apparently they are now 2 separate entities). These guys have their position and they won't waver from it no matter what they have to stand up for. Even if it means only Antonin Scalia gets to go duck hunting w/ Dick Cheney.

The hyphen keeps them apart

I was sitting at a stoplight the other day next to a bus and I noticed the ad on it was for WSNC, Winston-Salem State's NPR station. I thought that was a little strange b/c WFDD is Winston-Salem's NPR station. I checked out the WSNC schedule and there wasn't any NPR programming on there. Why would that bus ad lie to me? It's not like Winston-Salem needs 2 NPR stations, but still if they can advertise Free Speech News as NPR then this blog is now the official website of the Major League Soccer.

Tiger Bear Wolf at Greene St

I made it out to the Tiger Bear Wolf show on Wednesday. Dave continues to prove what a good friend he is by going w/ me on a weeknight to see a rock show. It was the first time either one of us had been to Greene St, but it seemed very familiar when our friend Jeremy Houghton was working the bar. I hadn't seen him in a pretty long time, but as I've mentioned recently these people who used to be cool are usually still pretty cool years later. I know it works the other way too, but were those other people really all that great to begin with? Anyway, Jeremy said he has worked there since the place opened a couple of years ago, so I guess I should try to get out more. Thankfully, Tiger Bear Wolf is exposing me to places other than my living room. I took my own advice and stood front and center, and I don't know if it was the beer or the volume but I couldn't even sway to the music. I just stood there slack jawed and happy. It was a little bit different set than the last 2 shows they've played (Earth, Winner, Saving, Silver, Rats, Lens, Input, Light (and the unplayed encore from the set list is worth noting "poop comes from the butt")), but I think they get better every time I see them. Still, they need their own sound guy to get those deep vocals up in the mix. However, if the choice is good vocal interplay or turning it up to 11, they are making the right call.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


I was looking at the Greensboro Coliseum website, and it seemed appropriate that Pop Tarts is presenting the American Idol tour.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Party Weekend

We went to Melissa Sullivan's wedding this weekend. I had never met her new husband Lou Bridda before, so I was tempted to introduce myself about 3 minutes before the wedding started when I walked in. I figured it could wait until the reception, but I just missed being able to say "yes" when people asked me if I had met him before they were married. It was right here in Greensboro at one of the Catholic church's in town. I had been warned about how long these Catholic weddings were, but this one and KK's were both pretty reasonable. I think it's when you start adding in communion that the time increases exponentially. So after the ceremony we piled into the van. We brought Sally, and found Steve Politi in front of the church (friends of Politi check out the article on the Nutley Pizza Wars). Then we picked up Pete, Grant, and GT's lady friend Lindsay and tried to find a parking spot. I think we could have walked there faster, but when I finally did pull into the Greene St parking deck we were rewarded w/ a walkway directly into the reception at Kress Terrace. The weather was nice and cool, so we could enjoy the rooftop dance floor (and bar) yet still have the indoor amenities like bathrooms and dining (and indoor bar). It was a great spot for a reception. I actually got to meet the groom, and Melissa and Lou made the rounds during dinner to see everyone so we got to actually talk for a while. Other than Melissa's family the only other people who I knew that didn't ride in the van were Dr. Ashley Stancil and Wendy Mitchell (PhD in rawk). I hadn't seen Ashley in so long that I didn't even know that she started at U of Wisconsin Vet School much less that she had finished her degree recently (um, I think that takes a few years of studying). She also brought her husband Scott who was another recent UW doctoral graduate (I think it was entomology) and very cool guy to boot. Of course, I also flubbed the whereabouts of Ms. Mitchell too. No longer New York's resident dive bar authority, that bird has flown to London. She didn't bring a husband w/ her, but that southern charm and those English accents are a recipe for that sort of thing.

Since there were people staying in Greensboro from out of town, we made plans to have a cookout on Sunday at our house. It actually worked out pretty good. I bought all the supplies on Saturday, and when I got up w/ the kids on Sunday morning I wondered why I bought all that beer but was very thankful that I bought a case of water. Steve and Pete came over around noon w/ bagels. The entire Reich crew came over shortly after that, and b/c Dave hadn't gone to the wedding he was ready for a beer. That eliminated any doubts I had about having a refrigerator full of beer. Things were pretty crazy w/ Desmond not wanting to share his jeep w/ Olivia and David, but after a while they started playing well together. Too bad their game of choice was jump on Pete. At about 3 the Reich kids needed naps, so they left and Pete and Steve left a short while later. I finished grilling round 2 of the hamburgers and was wondering what to do w/ them when Wendy called and said she and Ashley needed directions. They got to see my half-ass Sunday parenting in action including simultaneous beer drinking and NASCAR watching. We sat outside after the kids went to bed and finished all of the beer that a few hours ago I couldn't believe I had bought. It was two cookouts in one and it felt like we packed a 3 day weekend into a regular old 2 day weekend. Now if only this work week can feel like a shortened 4 day week.

Friday, June 10, 2005

MLS Expansion Contracts

I know lots of people consider MLS a joke, and this most recent fiasco gives them more fuel for the fire. Way back in April of this year, MLS announced their expansion into San Antonio, Texas for the 2006 season. Earlier this week they announced that the San Antonio deal fell apart and would not be reconsidered. In a sign that they are serious, I searched the MLS website and looked for "San Antonio," and while there were a few hits for this particular phrase there was nothing related to either April's announcement or this week's withdrawal. I heard their webmaster is this dude, but that may not be true. The real question becomes where will MLS go next. Toronto is a lock, but they need 2 teams to keep the league balanced. I initially read this story on the MLS website (although they've since revised history) and there was a list of possible cities (Toronto, Philadelphia, Houston, Rochester, Seattle, St. Louis, and maybe a few more). Like I said Toronto is a lock, but I'm not too sure where else they might go. When the San Antonio expansion was announced in April, I was watching an MLS game on ESPN2 and Eric Wynalda was claiming Rochester, NY had the greatest fans in the country and deserved an expansion team. I can neither confirm nor deny the statement about the fans (although I am going to the Barlow family reunion in Rochester this summer and I want to be loved there so it's probably true), but they did make the short list of possible cities. If you believe that Toronto will get a team (who else are you going to listen to about MLS? I'm telling you it will happen by 2007), then I'm not sure if that helps or hurts Rochester. All of the positives Rochester has are still there even if there is a team nearby in Toronto. Look at these photos of the soccer specific stadium they are building for their A-League team. MLS has failed to be profitable in stadiums that are built for the NFL. A dedicated soccer stadium is a big improvement over playing in the Alamodome. Still, I'm thinking Seattle might be the big winner.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Meineke Car Care Bowl

The Continental Tire Bowl was a fantastic idea. A bowl game b/w an ACC team and Big East team (or a Big anything team) in Charlotte, NC is a great idea. Driving to Florida for a college football bowl game is a big time investment for someone in Atlanta, now imagine what happens when some team from Kansas is invited to FLA. Charlotte is not a difficult drive for all of the ACC and a lot of teams in other conferences too (I-95, I-85 what's the difference). They sold out 2 of the first 3 games and after the 1st sellout b/w Virginia and West Virginia, I decided buying tickets during the summer was a good idea. Pete was kind enough to go w/ me to the 2003 edition b/w Virginia and Pittsburgh, and after I renewed my tickets Dave and I went to the UNC/BC game last year. I was all set to buy those tickets on the 50 yard line 5 rows up in the upper deck again, but I got a letter from Raycom sports today telling me otherwise. The new and improved Meineke Car Care Bowl can no longer accomodate people like me. Now you have to become some kind of member to get tickets outside of your Master's domain. And I quote "In following steps with other bowl games, we have decided not to continue the sale and renewal of individual seats from within the bowl office. Beginning this year, Ticketmaster will handle the sale of all individual lower level ($55) and upper level seats ($30) seats....In an attempt to offer ticket holders the opportunity for prime lower level seats, we have created the enclosed Fan Packages. Included in these packages is a Bowl Booster Membership, which allows for newsletters, email updates, and same-seat renewal." I bought uppper level seats for $27.50 and a surcharge. The total for my 2 tickets on the 50 was under $60. Now I'm stuck watching it on tv. I don't think I'm going to use that $5 off an oil change at Meineke that they sent me w/ the letter.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Car life made easier

I renewed my license plate registration this year through the DMV's website. They have previously offered renewal by mail, but it costs an extra $1. Add in the cost of a stamp and it made it 7% more expensive to use that option. Maybe your 10 minutes at lunch is worth $1.37, but that $1.37 is my lunch. The online thing not only cost the same as going to the DMV office, but I filled out the form on Memorial Day after 8pm. The only thing I needed was the old registration number and plate number. They even charged it to my credit card so I don't have to pay for it until the middle of July. I wish I could get my safety inspection the same way.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

The Week in Rock - Review

The Tiger Bear Wolf show on Friday was even better than the show a couple of week's ago. I still complained about the sound, but my complaint is that it's too loud. And it's not really that it's too loud, it's that it isn't mixed as well as it should be. I realized that the problem might be me b/c I stand off to one side instead of standing in the center of the noise cone where perhaps all that glorious noise comes together perfectly. I'll have to try that when they play on June 15th at Greene Street (check out their after party for the "Willy Nelson and Bob Dillon" show). This time I managed to keep my cool and not wonder up to ask for a set list. I waited until they were off stage and made Maria go and get it (Light, Body, Silver tongues, Bed, Input, Winner, Guitar). Adding even more gold stars to the TBW ledger, they mentioned their show on the 15th and said if anybody was interested they had free tickets if you just asked them after the show. So not only did I have an excuse to go up and tell them how great they are, they also gave me tickets for the next show. No wonder I like these guys so much.

Although this doesn't exactly have to do w/ the rock weekend, we got home at about 12:30 and proceeded to drink every beer in the house. There were several times Maria mentioned how late it was, but I kept talking her into staying up. I even worked out a set list for my much discussed Skynyrd cover band Saturday Night Special (Saturday Night Special, Gimme 3 Steps, What's your name, Gimme back my bullets, On the hunt, simple man, swamp music, I need you). When we went to bed after 5, I didn't realize how early 7 would come and w/ it the kids getting out of bed. I managed to hang w/ them (or at least pen them in the living room) until Maria got up at noon, and I promptly went back to sleep. This schedule kept Maria from making it to the Black Taj show on Saturday, but I drank enough Pepsi that I had the energy to stand upright for a few hours.

Thankfully, I had already made too many promises to duck out of going b/c Black Taj laid it on thick and heavy. Grant and Dave sound great together (and individually). I've recently realized how good Steve's bass sounds, and through a series of investigative reports I've discovered that Tom is paid in raw meat to play the drums (give him filet mignon). Grant was talking like they were finally going to put something out in the fall and maybe even tour in support of it. Uh, it's about time!!! I have an excellent recording of them from over 2 years ago. No wonder these guys sound so good if that was deemed not good enough. Perfectionists?!?! Maybe they need Kevin Shields to produce it for them. Seriously, I think GT (and maybe everybody else) is ready to put the damn thing out so the waiting should be over soon.

The real reason to be thankful for Black Taj was seeing all the people that I don't see enough of and who make me wish I lived in Carrboro (and who made me wish my wife had come w/ me). I hadn't been to Pete's house in so long that this was the first time I'd seen his deck, so I have to count him and that means I get to count Kevin too. I figured Grant would be there since he was scheduled to play guitar. Matt and Kathleen live a couple miles from us in Greensboro, so it figures I would travel to Chapel Hill to see them for the first time in a few months. I hadn't seen Tim Ross in a while, but his blog and domicile on Lynn Dr made me feel like I was his neighbor. Jon Elliston told me the best description of living in Asheville ever "You wave to the mailman. You wave to your neighbor b/c he sells vitamin supplements on the internet and you get your (unintelligible) from him." (ok, it was plenty intelligible but I don't know anything about supplements and couldn't remember what he said and I was using quotation marks). And finally, I saw Matt Schofield for the first time since 1997. He had been in Morocco and I think it Kazakhstan (some former Soviet "stan"), so it was pretty cool to hear his adventures. I wish the reason I hadn't seen these people in so long was b/c Black Taj only plays every couple of years, but I think if I would go to Pete's Super Bowl party I could make it at least an annual event. Maybe this year he can get Tiger Bear Wolf and Black Taj to play on his deck then I wouldn't have any excuse not showing up (kids, schmids).

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Government Good

I don't exactly know the finances of the situation, but I saw that WUAG is brining Tussle into town for a free show at Gate City Noise. It got me thinking about all the shows WUAG has been putting on lately. I'm guessing they pay these bands something, and WUAG gets their money from UNCG and in turn they get their money from the state (and generous donors like you). I'm sure it's a little more complicated, but I'd like to think that my NC state taxes are earmarked for live rock music in Greensboro. I'll contact my representatives to make sure this is how it's working.

Government Bad

I was driving down Old Oak Ridge Rd past the Lowe's Foods on Memorial Day to go to a cookout at my parent's house. I came up on one of those DWI checkpoints (or license checkpoints or gestapo checkpoint depending on your point of view). I think these things are ridiculous and unAmerican, but that wasn't why I'm blogging about it. I bring it up b/c it was 3 o'clock in the afternoon. I know it was a holiday and beer was on sale at every grocery store in town, but 3pm? That seems pretty ridiculous.

Sweet Sixteen in Leather Soccer Boots

Today is Freddy Adu's 16th birthday. Make sure you wish him a happy birthday if you see him. I think he's in Holland w/ the U-20 national team. I tried to honor him by wearing my Freddy jersey to work. I'm sure he can feel the love across the pond.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Week in Rock

Friday and Saturday are locked w/ each grandma babysitting for us one night so we can go watch the rock and roll. Tiger Bear Wolf on Friday at Ace's Basement (where they are now encouraging you to park in the back), and Black Taj is getting back into the live music business at Local 506 on Saturday. I have ear plugs. I plan on wearing them in my everyday life and taking them off during the shows so it will seem louder.