Friday, September 26, 2008

Can You Ever Forgive Me?

I had to read this book after reading the amazon review from a guy she ripped off. Luckily, the library has a copy and I didn't have to steal it. I want to feel morally superior to somebody.

I'm going to stop listing the books I read on here b/c it has become too stifling. I read this book like a month ago and didn't comment on my fantasy football teams (one kick ass team, one team in a league of 6 teams so I have no idea what to do w/ all those points, and one team where I'm turning to JT O'Sullivan to hopefully beat the last place team), the NHL playing closer to the North Pole than my house (and me watching it), and Steve Politi making YouTube videos that elicit outstanding responses ("Shove those tomotoes straight up your New Jersey turnpike!!") b/c I hadn't said anything about a book. I hope you haven't missed out on these exciting things just b/c I'm lazy. I hope you've missed out on them b/c you are lazy too.


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