Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Super Bowl Predictions

Ok, there's a big difference b/w what I would like to see and what will actually happen. I think it will look like this: Born In The USA, a new song (I'll guess The Wrestler b/c it's new, I haven't heard it, and it would nice of him to remind me to go see the movie), Promised Land (w/ a speech like Bill Simmons crafted before the song except it will be about Obama), and my lead pipe lock of the week, Born To Run. What I'd like to see is Rosalita for 25 minutes.


Blogger said...

It's not that I disagree with your predictions, it's just that you left out my oversized novelty lock of the week -- "The Rising." It doesn't make the list of my favorite Springsteen songs, but he sure plays it a bunch.

And, "boo" on disallowing anonymous posts.

10:07 PM

Blogger ET said...

cant wait for this game

the Super Bowl debutantes versus the 7 time Super Bowl team. A lot of people will be riding on the fairytale coming true!

for what its worth, here is my prediction...

see ya
Tarik Sport Rankings

3:58 AM

Blogger peb said...

I'm still thinking "Hungry Heart" is gonna find its way in there as the leadoff. Plus, I tend to agree with BT that "The Rising" will make it. So assuming that Bruce will only have time to do 3 songs, I would think that he would cut one of the songs with the word "Born" in the title. My guess that it would be "USA" which would leave us with "Born to Run" as the closer.

6:13 PM

Blogger Dan Smith said...

Yes, The Rising is the only song I could actually recognize in a 21st century Bruce lineup. That's probably a better indication that he'll play it than "it's new." It's the Super Bowl. He'll play something newish that people will know and can sing along to.

I think Hungry Heart gets booted by the new song. Maybe he'll skip the speech and play 4 songs. Or maybe if he's forced to play 3 songs it will be the Sunday Night Deep Cuts special. Or maybe I'll bring the 78 Winterland record I inherited to your house and we can listen to a side at halftime.

7:33 PM


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