Sunday, September 28, 2008

Economic Crisis Story

I'm sure politicians will be featuring my family in an upcoming commercial after hearing this horror story. We enrolled our daughter in a program at the Greensboro Music Academy where she will be fitted w/ a rental violin, have individual lessons once a week, and group lessons once a week and they're only paying us a $100 to do this. I thought about holding out for maybe $500 or demanding to keep the violin, but w/ the troubled times we live in our family will just have to suck it up and and take our $100 and free violin lessons and somehow make ends meet.


Blogger peb said...

I'm sure by "violin" you mean "electric guitar" and instead of "Greensboro Music Academy" you mean "Girls Rock NC". If not, Izzy may need some re-education courtesy of Uncle Pete.

8:54 PM


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