Saturday, January 29, 2005

TNA wrestling

I also managed to get my first look at
TNA wrestling.
The first thing you notice is the hexagon shaped ring. More sides than the squared circle of the WWE but less than the octagon of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, it looked like some of the more creative wrestlers lobbied for something different. The wrestling itself was ok. I liked the tv presentation (graphics w/ the guys currently wrestling and the time remaining in the match), but the roster looked like all the guys Vince McMahon decided were too much trouble to deal w/. They want to promote themselves as an ECW style program, but it looked more like WCW wrestling. I'm sure I still watch it when I get the chance.

Sneak a peek

Actually, I lied in my previous blog post. I did manage to watch some late afternoon tv yesterday while Maria took Desmond to her parents. There was a scathing article in Slate about newspaper columnists spreading themselves too thin by doing shows like Around The Horn and I, Max. I won't get into the irony of a columnist for an online magazine criticizing newspaper guys for diversifing their resumes, but as a semi-regular viewer of Around the Horn I was amazed that I, Max was called a "stupider version" of ATH (although the criticism was not so subtley directed at Fox). I had to watch I, Max to see if this was true or more liberal media bias (my not so subtle criticism of Slate). I'll give you some background. I just had to watch Around the Horn when it debuted after Peter King wrote in an online column that he didn't know who Max Kellerman was but if he thought people in LA knew more about sports than people in NYC then he didn't need to watch his show (the promos were designed to promote a show that had a regional bias but representives from all regions would be there to promote their bias). I knew Max Kellerman as the only guy considered a boxing expert who was under the age of 500. I became a semi-regular viewer and couldn't figure out why they let Max go and replaced him w/ Tony "statboy" Reali (although I did like it when they gave the long haired guy from Dreamjob a shot at hosting too bad he ended up hosting Extreme Dodgeball). It didn't take too long to find out that Fox had lured MK away and his new show, "I, Max", would be available weeknights at 10 on your Fox Regional Sports network. I watched the show once. It wasn't that great. Max brought Michael Holley, author of Patriot Reigns (Go Eagles!), and the man formerly known as the disembodied voice w/ him. It was like ATH but w/ just Max and Michael Holley. I watched it again yesterday for only the second time. It was a hell of a lot better. In fact, it was a good combination of ATH and PTI. Kellerman and Holley started by arguing a few topics. Then they brought in another guy who argued w/ Holley while Max officiated ATH style. An actual sports figure was the guest in a 5 good minutes style segment. And it ended w/ the disembodied voice (I'll always call him that even though he was there in the flesh) reading viewer email criticisms to Max. It was certainly better than Around the Horn where 4 guys often make the same points (or sometimes the 2 opposing points) over and over. The chat w/ the guest is a good touch. And even though Michael Holley cut his dreadlocks, he's still good w/ the give and take w/ the host. I'd watch it again.

No tv and no beer make Danny go something something

We've had to punish Desmond b/c of his behavior in school this week. I thought back to the worst punishment I ever got, and we decided to not let him watch tv. At first I thought I could watch my shows (i.e. sports) w/o it affecting his punishment. Then he started showing an interest in Around The Horn and I knew the tv had to remain in the off position while he was awake. Today,I locked myself in the bedroom w/ Izabella to watch the Heels. Needless to say, I stopped watching at halftime and I'm jonesing for some more tv. Did someone say Gonzaga is playing at 11pm? I'm there dude.

Now I know how Joan of Ark felt

I find myself singing along whenever I hear The Smiths on the radio. I didn't even know that I knew the words to any of their songs, but I at least know the ones they play on WUAG and WQFS. I liked them when I first heard of them b/c we shared a name. Then I actually heard their music and I can't say I was an immediate fan. I did realize about 10 years ago that "How Soon Is Now?" is undeniable a classic, but I'm still not going to wear black sport coats and skinny ties any time soon.

Eat my blog

For some reason, 2 posts I tried to add last week wouldn't post. I blame society. Let me summarize. The Mike Webster articles on ESPN are a good read. I'm sure everyone reading this lived in Pennsylvania for all 4 of the Steelers Super Bowl wins like me, so it should be just as compelling for you. I stumbled upon the college athletics federal reporting web site. It's pretty interesting. Real numbers to back up the disparities b/w football and everything else. Even the Carolina football team generates more revenue than the basketball team. Wow! Now the football team spends 3 times as much as the hoopsters, but you see why the big football schools need that extra home game against The Citadel.

Super Bet

I've heard about the Super Bowl bet between the govenors of Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. Man, even the Republicans in Massachusetts are sissies. Cheesesteaks are too high in fat for Mitt Romney? You don't have to eat them all by yourself Mitty. When Curt Schilling finds out about this, he should demand a trade to Kansas City. Why KC? B/c the Kansas City strip is the choice of manly men everywhere. Get yours today!

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Wrestling and gender equity

Since pro wrestling posts are limited to 1 day a month, I figured I should squeeze this in. I read the press release that wrestling is coming to the Greensboro Coliseum. It looked a little strange that it is going to be in the special events center and not the main coliseum arena. So I checked schedule and the ACC women's basketball tournament has the big room booked. I'd like to see which event draws more spectators. Who am I kidding? W/ Ric Flair versus Shawn Michaels on the card, I might even be at wrestling. Women's ACC tournament? I probably won't even watch it on tv.

And some interesting reading I found today. Although it came from a column to eliminate my beloved Guilford College football, there is some real interesting data on financial disclosure for NCAA athletic departments.

USA #1

I don't know if you've watched much wrestling lately, but they have added a classic bad guy, the enemy foreigner. Only this guy, Muhammad Hassan, is from Detroit. He has a sidekick, Daivari, who yells insults in what I assume is Arabic. I've seen them 3 or so times and every time the announcer says the same disclaimer, "These men do not represent all Muslim-Americans." I guess they have a standards and practices division that thinks it's necessary to say that. This is the first time I can remember seeing anything remotely resembling political correctness in wrestling. I might as well watch the bachelorette if that's the future of wrestling.

Friday, January 21, 2005

ACC Football Schedule

The most interesting thing about the 2005 ACC football schedule is the addition of a 13th team. I knew Boston College was joining, but when did Temple become the 13th school. They play 5 ACC teams. I knew the Big East dropped them, but that's almost 1/2 the schedule against one conference. I'll go on record that Temple won't win a single one of those ACC games. Kind of like Duke.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Things I've learned from my kids

From Desmond, I've learned that the Count from Sesame Street is actually named Count Von Count. I've also learned that nobody really looks good in a sweater vest (I always suspected that was true). Also, there is a Gorilla City. Evidently, we can't see it b/c there is an invisible forcefield around it, but according to Desmond's sources it does in fact exist. I may be prejudiced b/c I'm his dad, but his sources are pretty reliable for a 3 year old.

From Izabella, I've learned that everybody is interested in the dating habits of girls under the age of 1. People keep telling me that I need to be worried about who she dates, but I'm not giving her the keys to the car until she's at least 13 and that's only for trips to drive daddy to the liquor store for a refill. People also like to speculate if she will date their son/nephew/grandson. I tell them all the same thing. Your kid isn't good enough for my little girl. That should be a healthy attitude for the next 30 years.

Monday, January 17, 2005

New ways to waste time

I've never used Orbitz to book any travel arrangements, but I love their games. Paper football! Are you kidding me? I may never get any work done.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Dave & Sal & Dr Phil

I had the coolest experience standing next to people who were on tv yet simultaneously they were standing next to me. It was the big Dr. Phil viewing party at the Reichs. I'm not a trained professional, but I can offer my analysis since all I do on my blog is recount the television shows I've watched.

Funny Parts - Seeing the tagline

Admits to being a slob

w/ a professional Dr. Phil logo next to it was pretty damn funny. Hearing her say "No way" in that Reichian tone when Dr Phil said he was sending a the good people from Lowe's Home Improvement (as opposed to the good people of the fake Lowe's). Seeing Dave mouth the words "that's our house" while the Dr Phil people threw stuff out.

Dr Phil's suggestions - Dr Phil didn't do too much other than make fun of Sally. Dave told me he made small talk w/ Dr Phil, so maybe he laid off. And those comments Dave made about cleaning the house being Sally's job, I'm told, were prompted. Plus, I've been to the house and have seen it clean on special occasions and sometimes on just ordinary occasions. I'm not going to get as mean as the message boards, but Dr Phil didn't offer any real advice. I saw the calendar they slapped up on the wall and all it said was January. Sure there were some numbers on it, but that doesn't mean anything next year.

Dr Douchebag's suggestions - First of all, cleaning a house is a never ending and thankless job. That calendar Dr Phil sent needs to be filled out w/ tasks to be completed on the specified day. Until you are doing something every single day to keep the house clean, it's still going to be messy. You can try to contain the messes to certain areas of the house you don't use as much or go on the cleaning bender every so often, but the every day method is the only way to keep things clean all the time. If I had a big fat Lowe's Home improvement account to fill their house w/ the cleaning spirit, I would have made a few different changes. I would have followed Sally's advice and gotten them a washer and dryer. You also need a cordless vacuum to get stuff in a hurry while keeping one hand free to grab a kid. Finally, Dave needs a lawnmower to keep the outdoors from being tracked into the house. That would set you back about $1200 ($200 if you drop the washer and dryer). And you might be called an enabler by the message board community, but have Dave and Sal clean their own house w/ a professional cleaner who was willing to give away trade secrets for free advertising on the Dr Phil show. Dr Phil needs to pay for a cleaning crew to come every week if that's how he's going to clean up the mess in your house. .Pat Croce wouldn't let you skirt your responsibilities like that. DIYD! Do It Yourself Douchebag! That's going to be the catch phrase for my self help show "Dr Douchebag." Now I need a reputable producer and I think the WB can fit me in after the Gilmore Girls. Hopefully the contacts the Reichs made out there will get this thing off the ground.

Thursday, January 06, 2005


Maybe this isn't the most appropriate time to mention this, but Thanksgiving has to be the greatest holiday ever. The whole purpose of it is to gather w/ your family and eat, and thanks to the NFL watch football. If I could choose how to spend time w/ my family, we would get together to eat and watch football. You have the anticipation of the upcoming Christmas holiday (or Hanukkah or solstice celebration). It's always on a Thursday, so you get a 4 day weekend. And it really is the truest American holiday. Canada also has a Thanksgiving, but until there is a CFL doubleheader it's not on equal footing w/ American Thanksgiving. The rest of the world thinks of an entirely different sport when us Yanks say football. Maybe I'm just lucky and get to enjoy 2 turkey dinners on one day and I've come to realize that is my version of heaven, or I know that no real work is accomplished at the job until the new year, but man I can't wait until this year's Thanksgiving.