Saturday, October 20, 2007


I made a Scooby Doo jack-o-lantern for the kids today. I screwed it up a little and he's missing the center line in his jaw. However, Gene Simmons turned out pretty good. It doesn't look quite this scary on the porch but this is a photo w/o the flash and that's the only way you can see the illuminated image. You can get a whole lot of patterns at Zombie Pumpkins. If you end up getting one photocopy it before you use it b/c you pretty much destroy it during the process and you can only print it once (on the cheap $2 membership).

Monday, October 15, 2007

Ladies, Make Yourself 100% More Attractive

I'm surprised this isn't on the cover of Vogue or something like that, but I can make any woman instantly twice as attractive as she was before using my sure fire technique. Get a job as a sideline reporter for a sports telecast. Looking at this ranking of the sideline babes, I can't help but think that while they may be cute you wouldn't look twice if you saw any of them walking down the street. Obviously, that job (like being an air hostess in the 60's) makes you instantly more attractive.