Thursday, July 31, 2008

Album Years

I feel obligated to list the Albums of the Year like peb and otto, so I looked at Wikipedia to get started. Unfortunately, I was overwhelmed looking at the A albums of 1999. I decided I would just list the years I've been alive and give a little commentary.

1972 - born
1973 - don't really remember
1974 - moved from NY to NC
1975 - moved from NC to PA
1976 - the bicentennial. I remember crying b/c my mom said I wouldn't be alive for the tricentennial. I thought the tricentennial was in 1977.
1977 - Yankees win the World Series
1978 - Yankees win the World Series
1979 - Pirates win the World Series
1980 - Phillies win the World Series
1981 - confusion b/c the Mets didn't win the World Series and they were the 4th team that broadcast games to our house. Lesson learned, Mets suck.
1982 - move from PA to NJ
1983 - amazed that other kids can live w/in 9 miles of our house. have a great time.
1984 - Van Halen releases 1984 album. Video for Hot for Teacher plays at video jukebox in Ocean County mall for the rest of the year.
1985 - Hot for Teacher video on jukebox continues.
1986 - start to become jaded
1987 - become convinced that I haven't reached puberty b/c I don't have hair on my back like the Italian kids in the high school locker room.
1988 - look for books on a 2nd stage of puberty where you grow hair on your back
1989 - move from NJ to NC
1990 - finish high school. start counting money I will make statistically.
1991 - allegedly in Chapel Hill. charges never proven
1992 - don't remember
1993 - Tar Heels win national championship while I'm in school. girlfriend doesn't want to go to watch game w/ friends on franklin st (too crowded). break up w/ girlfriend.
1994 - graduate college. promptly put education to use in workforce delivering pizzas.
1995 - watch a lot of the Mary Tyler Moore show. decide I can make it on my own. move to TX. decide I need my family a lot more than I can ever admit. move back to NC.
1996 - start school to become a businessman.
1997 - meet 1st wife.
1998 - become businessman. start working for the man.
1999 - start working for new the man.
2000 - survive Y2k. start eating stockpiled cans of tuna fish and pinto beans.
2001 - have 1st kid.
2002 - somehow keep a kid alive for a whole year.
2003 - finish tuna fish and pinto beans from millennium crisis.
2004 - 2nd kid born.
2005 - somehow keep 2 kids alive for a whole year. pat self on back.
2006 - realize mom was right, I'm not going to see the tricentennial.
2007 - worst year ever.
2008 - make sarcastic lists.


Blogger Bird Spot said...

This was way more fun to read than those music lists.

8:50 AM

Blogger Dan Smith said...

My wife wanted me to point out that the kids were kept alive b/c of her and that 1st WIFE should be in all caps.

10:03 AM

Blogger Otto Man said...

1992 - don't remember

Agreed. Best year of my life.

8:48 PM


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