Sunday, December 12, 2004

And another thing

I had a few things I forgot to include in yesterday's blog. At the rate I put this stuff in I figured I'd forget about these seemingly important events if I didn't do it today. My little girl Izabella likes football. Not just watching it, but actually playing w/ her football. I was so proud of her even after I figured out why she likes her football. If she holds it in the middle and points the end towards her mouth, it looks and feels like a big breast. She may not get any milk from it, but years from now when we are getting ready for a big game I'll make sure I compare football to mother's milk.

I watched A Clay Aiken Christmas the other night. From the commercials I thought it might be that perfect holiday time combination of cheese and B-list celebrities (yes, those are two separate things). When I flipped it over there, the lady from Will and Grace who plays perpetually drunk Karen was singing some song. The baby was crying uncontrollably so I couldn't hear anything, but I would bet a million dollars she was lip synching. It also had Barry Manilow, who could be Clay's dad or uncle b/c you know Barry's kids can afford nose jobs, and a gospel singer named Yolanda. It was ok. They tried this break the 3rd wall stuff where you hear the director's cues to Clay and camera shots that include another camera and cameraman. Certainly revolutionary for an American Idol contestant, but I'd rather see Clay pretending to bake cookies in his pretend kitchen w/ the real life Tom Landry.

On the subject of not doing much other than watching tv, I was watching Fox News Saturday morning (actually this was while I was getting my car serviced, but still I couldn't avert my eyes). They were talking about the guy who shot "Dimebag" Darryl from Pantera/Damageplan. When they come back to the 3 hosts for Fox and Friends, the old white guy asks the young white girl if she knows what a dimebag is. She stammers and stutters while he matter of factly says "It's $10 of narcotics." The lady then says she thought it was $100 of narcotics, but claims she hasn't bought any narcotics in a while. I don't quite get why he brought this up. A guy was murdered while playing his music on stage. I don't care if he had been high since he was 16 years old. Let him rest in peace. These people probably never listened to Pantera/Damageplan, and more than likely they never even heard of them. Do you want the rest of the crew to think you're hip b/c you know some drug slang? It was just weird, but that's Fox News.

Finally, the most important tv news, my friends David and Sally Reich are going to be on the Dr. Phil Show. I think it has something to do w/ organizing your house, but I've watched enough of these shows to know that it could be some kind of crazy love child stuff that they are going to spring on Dave or Sally on the show. I can't wait.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Long Time, No Blog

It's become apparent that the recurring theme on my blog is I don't keep it updated. I blame my wife and kids. Lucky for them blogging ranks right behind cleaning my car's tires on the priority scale.

I was listening to AC/DC and finally heard a drum fill on one of the songs. Granted it was Soul Stripper from 74 Jailbreak, so they may not have completely incorporated no drum fills into their philosophy at that point. Still, I don't remember hearing one on any of their other songs.

There is another Daniel E. Smith here in Greensboro who writes to the newspaper a little too much. He has this sarcastic tone that makes people think it is me, but it's starting to get a little out of control. The first letter was in the sports section. It was about how terrible a name the Greensboro Grasshoppers is. Of course, the name change is all about getting more merchandising revenues, so I can't say I care too much. Unless they dye the pretzels and beer green, it won't impact my baseball experience. More recently, he had a letter in the Sunday paper about the Greensboro police. Most of the letter talked about police inquiries into alleged wrong doing by an officer, and that these inquires always find that the officer behaved appropriately. Kind of anti-police, but not the worst thing I've ever heard. There was a paragraph in it that said to avoid police brutality you should cooperate w/ the police. Then it ends w/ the fact that the city isn't legally responsible to reimburse citizens who are wronged (some kind of English common law holdover I think). So I didn't really disagree w/ anything he said, but it's not the sort of thing that I want to let the whole world know my views on. I could handle people asking me if I authored these letters, but somebody called my house on Sunday wanting to tell me her opinion on what I wrote in the newspaper. Worse yet she called while I was watching the NFL. That was the last straw. I'm going to get my phone number listed as Dan and Maria Smith.