Saturday, September 25, 2004

No time to blog

I want to take the time to say that I don't have time to post to my blog much. By the way, I understand the irony of posting this on my blog.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Carolina Football

I really intended to do this before the season started, but the Tar Heels 49-38 victory over William and Mary hasn't done much to change my perception of the team. They ran the ball well, but this is a division I-AA defensive line. The fact that it took them until the 2nd half to really hammer this home is more telling. Really, I'm not still bitter about firing Carl Torbush. Don't let the fact that I bought season tickets every year under Torbush and haven't been to a single game since fool you. I still either watch the game on tv or listen to it on the radio. It costs me less money and time this way. I still have an emotional investment in this team. I don't like to get on the coaches like a lot of people do, but the current Tar Heel situation reminds me of the Carolina Panthers coaching situation a few years ago. George Seifert was an excellent talent evaluator. He picked Steve Smith in the 3rd round. That 2001 draft looks pretty good. Anyway, they played 7 or 8 close games that year, and they lost every single one. The coach needed to go. Seifert made some bonehead decisions like going for it on 4th and 1 (and missing) instead of a short field goal or going for 2 instead of kicking a PAT. NFL coaches make a difference in winning and losing some games. College football is pretty much the same way. John Bunting has a great personality and gets along w/ all kinds of people from the media, alumni, students, players, recruits, everybody. He hasn't translated those skills into wins. He comes to the team a former UNC LB w/ an NFL career as a player and an assistant coach. According to Pete Smith the alumni feel better about him b/c he is "their" guy. By alumni, he means the Ram's club and other well connected people close to the football program b/c nobody asked me (and rightfully so). However, w/ the exception of the 1st year's team, the Bunting teams haven't tackled. It's not speed or executing the defense. It's wrapping guys up and taking them down to end the play. Eventually, you are going to give up big plays, but those big plays can't come from broken tackles. There was a play against Georgia Tech 2 years ago that shows why Carolina loses ball games. 3rd and 10ish and Tech throws a WR screen. The CB is playing off, but he gets to the receiver w/ about 3 yards to spare. The receiver wasn't 9 feet tall, so all he has to do is take him down and it's 4th down and Tech punts. The WR escapes and worms his way for a 1st down. Tech marches down the field to take the lead and hangs on to win by 8. Little things add up, and coaches need to be mathletes too not just "their" guy. It is going to be a long season b/c the offense isn't going to be able to run over people like they did against W&M. The passisng game should click a little better as they get real game experience. The defense isn't getting any better until they hire a new coach. I hope it's not Steve Spurrier.

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Friday, September 03, 2004

Izabella McKinney Smith

On August 23 2004 at 2:53pm, Izabella McKinney Smith made her grand entrance. She weighed 7 lbs 5 oz and was 20 inches long. I intended to have some pictures of her, but the digital camera was taken back by its rightful owner. At least there is a picture of an Ace Frehley bobblehead on the blog.

She's been home for over a week now. We're starting to get more sleep now. More specifically, Maria is starting to get more sleep now. We accomplished this trick by letting the baby sleep in the bed w/ us. We did the same thing w/ Desmond, and putting him in his own crib was difficult. Now, we can't get him out of the crib. The most important thing is that Maria and I get to sleep.